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We are happy to supply individuals and families with our Frozen Food. All our food is fully cooked before frozen and comes in Microwave friendly packaging. You can order our food and it will stay safe and frozen for three months or more and when you are ready to eat just pop it in the Microwave and within minutes you will have a delicious homemade meal.

About us

We are a Married couple, Ann and Patrick, and we have one beautiful daughter Sarah. We have been together over 15 years and both have a long history of working with food for foreigners and Thais alike. We only work with Top quality ingredients and will always keep it that way.


We supply many Bars and Restaurants all over Thailand! Our prices are very competitive and we have little if any competition when it comes to our food types or quality. We cater for large and small business and give every business the same high quality of service. We can also help update or renew your menus.

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